Life is gradually getting easier day by day, all thanks to the internet. Most of our daily task that used to be stressful has now become fast and stress free. On an earlier post, I told you how to recharge your Nigerian SIM cards from the internet at anytime, but right now, I would be teaching you how to conveniently buy recharge codes or pin for your Nigerian prepaid electricity meter from

buy electricity recharge card online in nigeria
Prepaid Meter Recharge Online

BuyPower.Ng is a Nigerian website where you can purchase your prepaid meter recharge pin online. Currently it is used by the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company, (AEDC) and Jos Electricity Distribution Company, (JEDC). The states that are serviced by the two distribution companies right now include the Federal Capital Territory, Niger, Kogi, Nassarawa, Plateau, Benue, Bauchi, and Gombe state. So if you are located in any of these states, then you can begin to purchase units for your prepaid meter right now while sitting in your bedroom with either your mobile phone or computer.

Click here now to register on and start buying your prepaid meter recharge pin now.

To purchase your prepaid meter voucher code, you need the following:

  1. Your prepaid meter number.
  2. An ATM card with not less than the required amount you want to recharge.
  3. The Sim card which you receive message alerts must be reacheable. You may receive an authentication message from your bank in the course of payment.

If you have all the things listed above ready, then you can proceed to the following steps.

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the state where the meter you want to recharge is located. Click the dropdown arrow to see the list of states.
  3. Type your Meter Number. This is an 11 digit number written on the body of your prepaid meter.
  4. Type the amount you want to recharge.
  5. Select payment type. This depends on the type of ATM card you want to use for your payment. If you can see the MasterCard or Visa logo on your card, then your payment type should be “OTP MasterCard/Visa”. But if you find a Verve logo, then you should select “Verve card” from the dropdown menu. You can also use “PocketMoni” and BANKINTERNET” if you have ever used any of the services before but for now, we shall focus on the most common types of payment type which is the MasterCard or Visa or Verve.
  6. Click the “confirm” button to go to the next page.
  7. Tick the “Terms and Condition” box.
  8. Check and make sure that the customer name and address that appears in the page is correct. If not, Re-check your meter number and state for any mistake.
  9. Then click on “Purchase”.
  10. Provide your card details on the payment processor page and proceed.
  11. If you are asked to provide a One Time Password (OTP Code) from your bank, just grab a cup of coffee and wait. Your bank would send you an SMS on the line where you usually receive your bank alert with the OTP code. Type the code and proceed.

If everything goes well, the money should be debited from your account. Your recharge code would be displayed on the screen with a success report. The same code would also be sent to the mobile number and email address you use to register with You can now type the voucher code on your prepaid meter to load the amount of unit you have purchased.

But in case you encountered an error, just relax, the ladies at the customer care would call you through the phone number you use to register as soon as they notice it and enquire about the problem. Then they will direct you on what next to do. But be careful with the ladies at the customer care, they have a sweet voice that could make you just fall in love.  
Am just saying….

Advantages of using

  1. No queue!
  2. Fast and Stress free.
  3. Can be done on any internet enabled device (both Computer and mobile phones).
  4. No “working hours”. As long as you can access the internet.
  5. Can the done right inside your bedroom.
  6. Good customer care service.

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