If you have been frustrated looking for a reliable way to make money on the internet and have had no luck in finding one, then you have come to the right place. I have also been in your shoes before but now, it’s a different story entirely for me. With time and patience, I have been able to explore various means of making money on the internet legitimately, but not all of them ended in success for me (and maybe you too). But amongst the few that I have recorded success with, I would be talking on one of them on this post! that is Coolnaira.com – A fast growing referral network site right now.

For a simple idea by the founders of Coolnaira.com, people using it are now making money lawfully online working part-time and with no stress involved. That also includes me. Yes! I am benefitting so much from coolnaira and what you are about to read here is a first-hand information from what I have experienced and gathered so far about coolnaira.com.
Cool naira is a referrer network site owned by G-Cyber technologies that pays you commission when someone uses your unique link to sign up/register or uses your username as sponsor while registering. Yes! That is all you have to do to make money and get paid. Now, there are alot of other networking site I have also experienced, after I worked and made some money, I was never able to successfully transfer the money to my bank account due to one challenge or the other but so far, coolnaira has been my first ever referral network site (out of many) that I was able to successfully transfer my earnings to my bank account with no stress. So because of this, I have decided to stick to coolnaira for a long time to come and also inform you about it.

Getting people to use your link is very easy as there are lots of people registering for it right now due to the success stories shared by those currently using it…

But before we proceed to sign you up to Coolnaira.com which I reserved for the end of this post, I feel it neccessary for you to know the following:

  1. How it works
  2. How you make your money 
  3. What you need to register successfully
  4. How to get people to your downline
  5. How to withdraw your money to the bank.

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Coolnaira is an affiliate network which means that every member (investor) has to be under someone (a sponsor) and each member is also required to get others to join under him or her. It is a network of people that members build for themselves and make money from their members investment as commission. Every registered member has a down-line to fill with new members by getting them to also signup with their username as sponsor or use their unique link to sign-up. On this down-line, the members are grouped into levels that are: Direct Referrals, Level 2, Level 3, up to Level 9.

Your direct referrals are those who registered directly under you using your referral link or your username as their sponsor when signing up. For each member in this category, you earn a 50% commission when they upgrade to any investment package that is available on the Upgrading page. So currently, you are paid N500 from each member in this category if they upgrade to the minimum package of N1,000. The amount can go higher than this, depending on what investment package your members are upgrading to.

Level 2members are those who were referred by your direct referral and also used their username as their sponsor when registering. While their sponsor (who is also under you) earns 50% of their investment package, you too would earn 5% commission from it (for just doing nothing!). The same rule applies for level 3, 4, 5 up to level 9 members on your down-line so as you can see, you make money from all directions, whether from your direct referrals or indirect referrals.

Another good thing about this is that, when you get just 1 direct referral, you have recovered your initial investment package money of N1,000, (N500 commission + N500 fr). Other earnings that comes after your first direct referral is now your profit which is unlimited :).

To transfer your earnings to your bank account, you just simply make a withdrawal request when you log in to your coolnaira.com account. There, you would provide an account number to transfer your money into and just wait for an alert from your bank telling you of a credit transaction and Yippee!!! You just made some cool money through Coolnaira.com! Isn’t that cool?

All pay outs are done everyday from Monday to Friday of every week but except weekends and N1, 000 is the minimum amount you can request for each withdrawal.

So now that you know how it works, its time we proceed to sign up!


You need the following basic information available in order to successfully register on Coolnaira.com. They are:

  1. A sponsor or a referrer
  2. An email address
  3. A phone number

When you have all these ready, you can now proceed to the registration page by clicking here then click on register to open the form.On the registration page, check and make sure “aren” is the sponsor name then fill in the other information but if the sponsor is blank, type “aren”. When you do this, you are registering under me and I make it a duty to also assist you through your journey to success with Coolnaira.com. That is what I do to each and every one of my direct referrals as a “THANK YOU” for registering under me. By the way, I believe that to be a TRUE and GOOD sponsor is to also assist newbies who just register to acheive the same success that I have achieved in a quick and easy way. So just add me up on Facebookafter registering; from there, we would start chatting whereby I would be giving you more success tips. You are also free to ask me for any help or assistance as it regards your success with Coolnaira as long as you are a registered member under me.

Back to where I stopped, if you have submitted your details successfully on the registration page, open your email to view the welcome email that would be sent to you by Coolnaira.com. The e-mail would also contain an activation link. Make sure you click on it to fully activate your FREE account. You should be able to log in now without any error. 
Now that your account is active, you have 5 days to upgrade your account from FREE member so that you can have full access to the site features including the withdrawal page which is not accessible to free members. But in the meantime, you can start building your network and earn from whoever that upgrade under you.
Now, follow the following instructions on what to do next after you login.

  1. Click on Promotional Center from the menu to find your promotion tools, your unique referral link and banners that you can download and use to get members register under you. You can share your referral link on your social network accounts, forums, blogs etc. or even use word of mouth to inform your friends, loved ones and family members about coolnaira.com and then give them your username to use as their sponsor when they want to also join.
  2. Click on Statistics to see your earning and view members in your downline. This would help you know how your links is working and whether to step up your marketing strategies.
  3. Click on the Profile link to update your profile.
  4. Click on the Upgrade Account link for details on how to make payment and upgrade your account.
  5. Click on the Bonus link to get access to your benefit. When you register right now, you get free N500 on your bonus. Register right now.

Please note that if you have registered using me as your sponsor, you can drop your username below for a customised advert banner that looks like this one below.

Coolnaira customised banner
A Coolnaira customised ad banner with your username
This is my banner above with coolnaira sponsor name “aren, but for yours, it is going to be your username instead.

This banner has really helped me succeed with Coolnaira and so I strongly recommend to my members to have theirs and utilise its power very well.

Important coolnaira links:

  • Registration page: Click Here and click on Register. Auto-Sponsor included so no need for you to provide sponsor anymore).
  • Coolnaira mobile app:coolnaira app on playstore 

You can also Contact me on whatsapp:  +2348183769530

See you at the top!