Earlier on, we told you how to buy airtime for any Nigerian Network online but right now, Zoto mobile application has taken mobile phone recharging up to another level with an app that can be best described as awesome! Loading airtime for MTN, Airtel, Glo, or Etisalat now takes just seconds to accomplish without you leaving your comfort zone for any reason. You do everything within an app installed right in your phone. No more scratching recharge cards and no more queuing at the atm just to recharge your phone because Zoto mobile app has now simplified the process and brought mobile recharging down to your doorstep.


About Zoto

Zoto was established in 2015 with a goal to build a safe,fast and easy recharge platform for Nigeria. The platform is available on iOS and Android and has become established as one of Nigeria’s best recharge mobile app with a 4.5 star rating on the Play Store.

Incase you are wondering why Zoto is Nigeria’s best Mobile Recharge app, here are its features highlighted below.

Features of Zoto mobile Recharge:

  1. Instant Support that is amazing! – With an inbuilt chat system, you can send feedbacks, queries and complaints to your friend, Zubby from Zoto and get instant response 24/7. Zubby has been doing a great job for Zoto and its users.
  2. Save Card(s) for Quicker Recharge – You can save your debit card’s details so that you no longer need to manually provide your card details everytime you want to recharge. This adds more speed to the recharge process.
  3. Optimum Security – Zoto protects your app against unauthorised access with a 4-digit secret password you would provide when installing the app. Its payment processor is also highly secured and it has been verified by the Central Bank of Nigeria, Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Norton Secured and Verve.
  4. Recharge for family & friends – A quick and easy recharge for your family and friends through your phone’s contact book.
  5. Repeat a Transaction from History – Zoto keeps track and provides you with history of your previous recharges and also gives you an option to repeat a transaction. You can repeat a previous recharge from start to finish in less than 15 seconds.
  6. Pay with any Nigerian Issued Debit (ATM) card – You pay for your recharges using any Nigerian issued ATM card.
  7. Amazing Cashback – We saved the best for the last. Zoto does not only make your recharges fast, easy and secured but also gives you amazing cashbacks and bonus as you recharge. This is one feature that, no doubt has made it earn the status of Best Mobile Recharge app in Nigeria!
    Bonus are stored in your Zoto Cash Wallet which you can use to pay for your recharges instantly.On your first recharge with Zoto, you earn N1,000 free bonus sent to your Zoto Cash Wallet and you can earn a total of N20,000 bonus with zoto. We shall cover that in our next post.

Watch this Youtube video for more about zoto.

How to Install

Download Zoto apk file for Android from the link below. It is also available for Apple iPhone devices
Click here to download the Zoto Mobile recharge App for android Now
or Click here for iPhone Zoto App Download

How to Use Zoto

Recharging with Zoto is simple and easy with the steps highlighted below.
Launch the application then follow these steps

  1. Type the mobile number you wish to recharge
  2. The Network provider should change automatically to match with the number you provided. If it does not match, you can still change it.
  3. Type the amount you want to load
  4. Click on Proceed
  5. Review details and Click on Securely Pay N… button.
  6.  Take out your ATM card and provide the required details.
    (Your bank would require an OTP code before authorizing an online transaction as part of security measures undertaken to ensure that you are the one performing the transaction and not a fraudster.
    The code would be sent to your mobile phone number and email adress that is linked to your card with the bank. However, I am not certain if OTP is used for Visa and Verve Cards. Try it out for yourself and see).
  7. Wait for your OTP code, this would take just few seconds to arrive your phone. Type it and Proceed.
  8. If all goes well, you should now see the following success page.

The above process should take just few minutes to accomplish and your phone should be recharged via VTU top up immediately! No queue, No scratching of card. You can recharge in the morning, afternoon, evening or mid-night, anywhere, anytime!

But incase of a failure, just retry again and make sure you are providing the OTP code without any error.

If you don’t have an ATM or a bank account yet and you are a student in any Nigerian tertiary institution, then read this post on 12 student bank accounts you can open today quickly.

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