Earlier today, I dialed the USSD code to check my data balance on my etisalat SIM. I received a response message but from 9mobile, I almost ignored the SMS because I taught it was a network advert message but then, I decided to open it and was perplexed when the message content was actually my data info that I was expecting from etisalat. “Maybe it was a sender name error by their system” I taught but unknown to me, Etisalat Nigeria has actually changed its brand name to 9mobile!

If you were like me and never knew that etisalat had left the shores of Nigeria, then here is the gist.

The Chief Executive of Etisalat International, Hatem Dowidar, had announced that Etisalat had terminated a management agreement with its Nigerian arm and the brand will be leaving the Nigeria market in three weeks alongside all UAE shareholders of Etisalat Nigeria, including state-owned investment fund Mubadala. The company which had a 45% in the Nigerian business, is transfering its shares to a loan trustee after talks had failed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Nigeria, Boye Olusanya also released a statement on Teusday 18th July, 2017 regarding the name change which read as follow:

“Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), which previously traded as ‘Etisalat Nigeria’ wishes to inform its over 20 million subscribers, government, regulatory agencies and all relevant stakeholder groups that the telecommunication company has changed its name to 9mobile as a further testament of our unwavering commitment to ensuring business continuity as Nigeria’s fourth largest telecom operator.”

“Our new trading name, 9mobile represents our 0809ja heritage, our 9ja-centricity, and our evolution over 9 years of operations in Nigeria.

“Although our trading name has changed, we remain true to the same values on which our company was built.

“A strong and resilient Nigerian spirit continues to reside in us, uniting us with you our subscribers and we are confident that you will continue to believe in our new brand, which strongly reflects our innate creativity and youthfulness.

“Furthermore, this rebrand is a testament to our dynamism, responsiveness and agility as a business, while we leverage the power of technology to deliver innovative products and services that meet your needs.

“Our confidence in our ability to continue to make this happen is bolstered by the sheer determination, commitment and passion of our people to do more; and continue delivering excellent service.

“In order to ensure the change of name is delivered efficiently and responsibly, we will take a measured approach to the migration to the new brand over the next few months.

“Therefore as we go through this transition, our esteemed subscribers we ask for your patience and reaffirm our commitment to remain a listening brand.

“We will continue to innovate, support, and empower you to do more – whether as an individual or a business.

“To our business partners, your unwavering belief in the strength of our brand inspires us to do more. We will remain committed to working together and exploring possibilities to achieve our mutual goals; and to our stakeholders, we thank you for your abiding faith in us.

“We will ensure that our core values of Innovation, Customer-centricity, and superior Quality of Service remain the pillars upon which we operate.

“The soul of our business remains authentically Nigerian.

“We are Here for You, Here for 9ja!”

official website is https://9mobile.com.ng/
Farewell from Etisalat Nigeria, Welcome to 9mobile Nigeria.

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