The second edition of the Biq Talk and Rhythm with Tarzzy, has come and gone leaving behind great memories of awesome performances, entertaining games and the motivational talk by Tarzzy.  Here is a recap of the event which took place yesterday 2nd February, 2020 at the Bight of Benin, Opposite the old Zoo, Jos, Plateau state.

The event which had features such as musical performances from amazing artist, also had fun games, a pop corn and drink refreshment, as well as, the Biq Talk by the host, Tarzzy himself.

Musical Performances

The first opening performance was done by Zion Tersee Uzuwa who sang a love ballad. He also had a second performance which he sang his original song “Worship Him” off his upcoming Album scheduled to be launched sometimes this year. Anticipate.

Next on stage was Yemini who also gave a good performance by singing a medley of love songs alongside rapper Ill-track.

Then ace singer, Christyle blew the audience by singing his own version of Sam Smith’s popular song, “Stay”. He got the audience cheering as he showcased his vocal talent and singing prowess. He again had a second performance where he nailed it once again.

NEXT, was Jazmine Yarima who also gave an awesome performance with his captivating voice and great singing ability on both his first and second performance at the event.

Jazmine Yarima Performing at The Biq Talk Season 1.2

Sam the keyboardist was also not left out and got a spot on the list of those who performed during the event. He also sang a ballad song, an original that tells a story of those who had broken relationship and now wish they could have a second chance with their former love again. At some point, he got the audience also singing along with him.

Overall, the musical performance was good and all artist gave a good performance.

Then a Q&A fun game was next on the list of activities that was lined up for the event. Here, random people from the audience (a Male and a Female) were selected to play the game. It was interesting and fun watching the people play the game. However, on this post, I would not be giving details of the game and how it was played in order to minimize space so if you were not present at the event and had not witnessed the game, then make sure you attend the next one in the future so that you don’t miss out the fun again 😀

The Big Talk

Then came the big talk! And everyone was attentive to listen to the packages that Tarzzy has prepared for them in this edition of The Biq Talk, Season 1.2.

Tarrzy spoke on the topic  “being successful in life” where he focused his talk more on the young and upcoming entrepreneurs. He decried how some young entrepreneurs of today are not willing to take risk or make sacrifices but would rather get discouraged by the challenges associated with starting and running a small business and would even resolve to quit the entrepreneuship and simply look for jobs in other already established business, firm, organization etc. He drew their attention to the fact that such successful establishment that they may be running to also had underwent the startup stage and had also encountered various challenges during their early days but overcame those challenges by being focused, resilient and also making sacrifices of time, money, resources etc before attaining their current status.

He then encourage the youth not to be deterred by tough times and challenges as they go about running and building their sma business but should remain focused and determined as well as make sacrifice of time, money, resources etc to build their business and reach the top.

Tarzzy also emphasized on the need to help others in the quest for Success. In his words “…the only way you can be successful is when you help others”.

The Biq Talk & Rhythm with Tarzzy Season 1.2
The Biq Talk & Rhythm with Tarzzy (Season 1.2) flier by Aren Creatives.


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