February 21st 2021 ,was when the Bush bar splash event 2 was held. The show which was held ,brought a lot of Artist from different cities together to make the epic event what it was on Sunday.
Shows like this Are meant to promote and build our upcoming and uprising stars and Artists.
We saw and witnessed Some Artist gaining some big promising opportunities ,from the platform and show event which was held on Sunday 21st February 2021.

The artist playboi, One among those Artist got the chance and opportunity for his song to be in the weeks Top trending listeners sounds of jos peace FM 90.5 ,which goes on every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm. This chance and privileged was given and granted to him by One of the biggest Presenters in J town tarzzy_talk officiql . 

We saw the likes of Talkit TV Africa on the the event , the likes of the face of Talkit TV was there and present 

,she was interviewed on how it feels to be the face of Talkit TV, which she did justice to.

Big producers Of J town like Zikko tunes , Magicsteez, Greezbeat, Twitchy soundz, were all present live in the show with entertaining sounds.

All thanks to ILL TRACK and the Anchor of the Bush bar splash 2 ,TARZZYTALK_OFFICIQL for the success of the Event .